As an early college high school, Ghidotti High School is  designed to create a small learning community for students, a personalized and caring learning environment, and provide a seamless transition from high school to college. Students can thrive in this smaller, nurturing, yet academically challenging environment. 
Ghidotti High School provides a rigorous, focused and personalized academic program that bridges the divide between high school and college and makes higher education more accessible by reducing financial barriers. Students will learn the leadership, technology, and critical thinking skills they need in order to be successful in today's rapidly changing career environment. 
As high school students spending their days on a college campus, attending classes with college students and sharing common facilities like the cafeteria and the library with them, our Ghidotti students are afforded more freedom than their counterparts in most traditional high schools. At the same time, they are subject to higher behavior expectations than most. Rather than only expecting and inspecting behavior, we are trying to help students meet our high expectations by taking time to teach them appropriate college decorum. 

Continuous improvement is a constant theme in all that we do. A block schedule was designed and began in 2007 that made it easier for our high school students to get the college classes they need. However, the block schedule also increased the amount of responsibility students need to take for managing their own free time. We trusted they were equal to the challenge, especially since we took the time to help them develop the requisite behaviors and skills. The library, tutor center, computer labs, the cafeteria, outside lawns and benches by the pond are common places for students to spend their free time.