College Planning

Students enrolled at Ghidotti High School have all shown an interest in pursuing some form of college education by selecting an early college high school.

Those individual plans will vary greatly; however, there are some common activities and considerations. In addition to the grade level recommendations below, students and parents should review the links on this page for more specific information about  individualized learning plans, college admissions testing, paying for college and a variety of  other web sites helpful in college planning. 
9th Grade:
  •  Freshmen schedules are created by Ghidotti and will be available to those students at our summer bridge program August 8, 2016.  Details for that day will be shared as soon as they are available. 
  • Start a pattern of success by doing all assigned work and putting in the necessary study time, asking for teacher assistance when needed. communicating with the PASS tutor assigned to your academic courses, and using the Phoenix class tutorials effectively.
  • Complete your initial Individualized Learning Plan (ILP or 4 year plan). You will continue to update it throughout high school, but as a 9th grade student you should understand both high school  diploma and college admissions/transfer requirements.-(see HS/College requirements links)
  • Explore possible career options and their related college majors through guided Ghidotti activities, using Sierra College and other online resources, talking with people about their careers on your own, and being willing to continually consider what careers might be a fit for you.
  • Involve yourself in activities both in and outside of school. Be willing to try new things and expand your comfort zone. Ultimately colleges are most interested in those activities you really invested in and about which you can communicate your passion.
  • Start taking the appropriate Sierra College classes. The pace and expectation for college classes are different. Be willing to communicate with the professor and seek any additional outside help needed ( see Sierra College tutoring information)
  • Start a college planning file box in which you keep records of  user names and passwords, activities, awards, work experience-paid and unpaid, keep everything!
Our freshmen are on a blocked schedule in which classes meet every other day (students do attend all 5 days of the week for a minimum of 180 high school minutes).  The typical freshman schedule includes: English 1, World History, Biology, Math (Geometry via Ghidotti or higher within Sierra College),and Phoenix 101.  A total of 5 high school classes are expected.  In addition, the majority of freshmen take Health, PE, and a Visual or Performing Art via Sierra College. Students must take at least one college class each semester freshman year.