College Planning

Students enrolled at Ghidotti High School have all shown an interest in pursuing some form of college education by selecting an early college high school.

Those individual learning plans will vary greatly; however, there are some common activities and considerations. In addition to the grade level recommendations below, students and parents should review the links on this page for more specific information about  four year educational plans, college admissions testing, paying for college and a variety of  other web sites helpful in college planning. 
11th Grade:
  • Update your individualized learning plan.
  • Attend the district wide college and career night at Nevada Union High School fall 2016.  This is a night for students and families grades 11 and 12. Details will be given in Phoenix 103.
  • Take the PSAT -- required for Ghidotti Juniors --  November 2, 2016.  This is a school day an arrangements will need to be made to miss college classes.  Our staff will assist with that conversation with professors if needed. 
  • Phoenix 103 is a critical class in the preparation for college entrance.
  • Continue career exploration. Research education required for specific careers. Write a resume and try to match part-time and/or summer work with career interests
  • Continue to research possible college choices. Identify the admissions and application requirements for your top choices. If possible, visit college campuses of those high on your list.
  • Develop a rough draft of a college application essay targeted to your top choices or colleges.
  • Take the SAT Reasoning Test, ACT Test, and SAT Subject Tests if necessary for your potential college choices. (see college admissions test timeline)
  • Identify ways to pay for college. Go to for an early estimate of financial aid. Start researching scholarship possibilities.(see link – Paying for College).
Our juniors are on a blocked schedule in which classes meet every other day.  The typical junior schedule includes: English 3, Phoenix 103, and elective choices such as  Problem Solving (1 semester),  math seminar, or other elective courses.  
Juniors are to be enrolled in a minimum of 4 A-G classes at all times. 

In addition, the majority of juniors have completed the health, visual or performing art, and language requirements.  Juniors typically continue with language and college level math courses while adding in US History 17 A and US History 17 B. Most students add one semester of college level science in the junior year.  Do not forget that 20 credits of PE are needed for graduation! 

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