College Planning

Students enrolled at Ghidotti High School have all shown an interest in pursuing some form of college education by selecting an early college high school.

Those individual plans will vary greatly; however, there are some common activities and considerations. In addition to the grade level recommendations below, students and parents should review the links on this page for more specific information about  four year educational plans, college admissions testing, paying for college and a variety of  other web sites helpful in college planning.

10th Grade:
  • Update your four year educational plan -- Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Continue to explore career options
  • Start researching possible college choices (see College Research link)
  • Ghidotti sophomores will be taking the PSAT10 March 3, 2017.. We will prep for this in Phoenix 102.  
  • Take SAT subject test if recommended based on your ILP and college classes.
  • Keep your grades up! The 10 and 11th grade point averages are the most critical for admission to 4 year colleges and financial aid.
Our sophomores are on a blocked schedule in which classes meet every other day.  The typical sophomore schedule includes: English 2, Chemistry, Phoenix 102, Math Seminar and another elective.  

In addition, the majority of sophomores have completed the health and visual or performing art requirement freshman year and begin their language requirement and college level math via Sierra College. 
All sophomores will be enrolled in a minimum of 4 A-G classes at all times. 
*Minute requirement -- Our students must be enrolled in a minimum of 180 high school class minutes daily.