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By the end of junior year, our goal is for our students to have 9-11 colleges on their list.
By the beginning of the senior year, students should have 7-9 colleges on their list.
Schools can be categorized into 3 types for admissions student by student based on GPA, major, acceptance           rate, test scores, etc. -- Safe, Target, Reach. Happy exploring. 

card header iconFinancial Aid / Scholarship

Our district has a full time scholarship coordinator! Barbara Ross visits our campus every Monday.  In addition, she holds parent and student workshops mutliple times throughout the school year.  Each June Barbara holds a scholarship meeting for "rising seniors" and their families.  This is an opportunity not to be missed.  Barbara's web page is updated weekly please visit

Free Application for Federal Student Aid - the FAFSA4Caster is also helpful in predicting financial needs for college.
Most private colleges require the CSS profile for financial aid. List of universities requiring the CSS profile. 

Trends in college costs - 

card header iconCareers and Major

  • Career Cruising (CC)-- all NJUHSD students have access to this resource
  • CC: Your Username is "NJU-" + first part of your NU email address :Your Password is your Student ID + 2 digit birth month + 2 digit birth day Example: Username = NJU-16smithjj Password = 680880425
Our students are able to use two internet based sites sponsored by Sierra College: Bridges and Eureka.
  • - This is the site where you student has done the most career and college exploration. Students have a user name and log-on.
  • - Another site where your students should have stored information. 

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